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Song lyrics



Its your bro

Taiwo Naija!

Are you grateful, Nigerians are you grateful

Lets be grateful x2, lets go!


All we are saying

Thank you Jesus X2

Verse 1;

I was like this when I know my Naija o, 

As soldier dey go, beni soldier dey come

Biafra came but e no befall us, 

June 12, came sugbon ajulo,

Operation sweep, e no sweep us comot,

For this and many more, we dey praise You Baba o,

For this and many more, we dey glorify Your name,

We go praise You, we go Praise You 

And sing to You Fatherrrrrrr

Chorus; x2

Verse 2;

I was young, now I don dey old ( echo… I don dey old)

I have never seen the righteous man forsaken

Hin children sef, dem no go beg for bread,

This na because Jehovah mi na Jireh

If my people who are called Nigerians

Will change their ways and pray unto me

I will heal land, I will bless their land,

I will glorify them among all the nations

I will give redemption from every oppression 

And salvation from every corruption

Restoration of all their wasted years

And I will give them leaders (ye!) 

After my own hearrrrrt

Chorus; X3


Some nations have been to war

Though they never saw what we saw

We saw much and yet no war ( echo.. no war)

Glory be to thee oh Lord.

National Anthem (prayers for Nigeria);

(Arise NIGERIANS; and lets begin to decree peace and unity to the North, South, West and East of our nation,

Enough of murmurings and complaining 

Let’s be grateful

We can’t but approach God with utmost gratitude and positive declarations, if we must see God move in our nation like never before 

Its anew day , it’s a new dawn,

Do you?

Call: Nigeria, it’s a new day,

Res: Amen x2 Hallelujah, Amen x2

…new dawn, … You go win ooo

Nigeria is for Jesus…

Boko haram “file” (leave her in Yoruba)

Herdsmen file..

Call : Nigeria you go prosper….

….survive… is for Jesus….!

Shey you know ooo x5 ( hope you know)

Till fade.


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